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Isuzu Delphi

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Basic equipment
Isuzu Delphi — 214 $
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Software module for editing calibrations of Delphi ECUs for diesel Isuzu vehicles.


Available maps:


Boost Pressure: Target Boost atmospheric pressure correction, Target Boost Base, Target Boost Coolant Temperature, Target Boost Intake Air Temperature Compensation, Target Boost Maximum, Target Turbo Boost, Turbo Boost
DPF: DPF Target Rail Pressure, ITH Target Position DPF, Target Boost DPF Mode (if found)
EGR: EGR cut off injection threshold, EGR cut off injection threshold Hi lookup, EGR ITH Integration Base Position, EGR Target Position Look Up, EGR Target Position DPF Mode, EGR ITH Position Max Limit Base Look Up, ITH Target Position DPF
Injection: Injection Volume Limiter Default, Injection Volume Limiter of Overheat, Injector opening time Rail Pressure: Target Rail Pressure Atmospheric Pressure Correction, Target Rail Pressure, Target Rail Pressure Coolant Temperature, Target Rail Pressure Increase, Target Rail Pressure maximum Limit, Target Rail Pressure Minimum Limit
Start Of Injection: Base Start Of Injection, Start Of Injection Coolant Temperature Compensation, Start Of Injection FA Compensation, Start of Injection by Intake Air Temperature, Start Of Injection Maximum Limit
Target Base: Turbo Target Atmospheric Pressure Correction Ratio Base Limit, Turbo Target Position Base, Turbo Target Position MAX Limit Base, Turbo Target Position Maximum Limit Atmospheric Pressure Correction, Turbo Target Position Minimum Limit Atmospheric Pressure Correction, Turbo Target Position Minimum Limit Base
Target MAF: Desired airmass without EGR, Target MAF per Cylinder, Target MAF per Cylinder, Target MAF per Cylinder Atmospheric Pressure Correction, Target MAF per Cylinder Coolant Compensation, Target MAF per Cylinder Intake Air Temperature
Torque: Torque to injection volume conversion