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Renault Siemens EMS3150

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Basic equipment
Renault Siemens EMS3150 — 217 $
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Editing calibrations of Siemens EMS3150 ECUs of petrol turbocharged Renault / Dacia vehicles.

Available maps:

Boost control: wastegate duty cycle, maximal boost pressure and maximal airmass flow, also torque threshold to start control wastegate;
Engine speed limitation;
Idle speed: desired idle speed for drive and neutral modes, idle speed for A/C;
Injection timing: start of 1st injection for cold and warm engine, end of 2nd injection for both temperature modes;
Knock: knock detection factors and offsets Lambda: open/closed loop changing conditions, target closed loop and open loop enrichments for 4 engine states;
Torque: maximal indicated mean torque, maximal absolute effective torque, indicated torque for gearbox limitation, requested effective torque, indicated torque from manifold pressure, torque loss, correction factors for torque limitation, torque safety monitoring;
Ignition: Optimal spark advance for camshaft position, optimal spark advance, maximal spark advance, preventive knock correction, spark advance efficiency(advance degradation);
Rail pressure;
VVT: intake and exhaust camshaft position control;
DTC mask editor