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Toyota Denso Petrol 2

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Toyota Denso Petrol 2 — 217 $
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Editing calibrations of Denso ECUs (89661-xxxxx and MCU NEC 76F0038, 76F0039, 76F0040, 76F0070, 76F0085 inside) of petrol Toyota | Lexus | Scion vehicles with petrol 2.0L, 2.4L, 2.5L and 2.7L engines.

Air calculation: Calculated air load from requested torque, Mass air flow pulsations factor
Exhaust temperature model: Calculated exhaust temperature 1 in additional mode, Exhaust temperature offset for spark retardationExhaust temperature offset for vehicle speed, Maximal/Minimal exhaust temperature for engine protection
Fuel: enrichment: AFR value as stoichiometry, Coolant temperature to enable closed loop, Delay for enable closed loop, Enrichment for engine protection base, Enrichment for engine protection base, Enrichment for engine protection correction for full load, Enrichment for engine protection correction on retardation, Per cylinder enrichment multiplier, Throttle position threshold to enter full load, Throttle position threshold to exit from full load
Fuel: injector control: Injection time correction factor by load, Injector dead time, Minimal injection time, Minimal injection time when fault is stored, Minimal injection time when fault is stored
Limiters: Engine/Vehicle speed limitation
Sensors scaling: Intake air temperature correction factor for mass air flow, Mass air flow sensor scaling, Accelerator pedal sensor
Spark advance: Maximal/Minimal spark advance, Spark advance base, Spark advance high/low octane
Spark advance: corrections: Spark advance base correction by coolant temperature, Spark advance correction for VVT, Spark advance corrections high/low octane
Spark advance: knock: Coolant temperature threshold for retardation, Engine speed lower threshold for retardation, Engine speed lower threshold for retardation, Maximal spark advance retardation, Retardation recovery rate, Spark advance retardation amount
Spark advance: minimal: Coolant temperature threshold for minimal spark advance correction, Spark advance minimal base, Spark advance minimal temperature correction
Throttle valve control: Throttle valve maximal position, Throttle valve position limitation full load, Throttle valve position limitation low load, Accelerator pedal
Torque model: Optimal torque
VVT: Exhaust camshaft position base, Intake camshaft position at full load, Intake camshaft position at high throttle, Intake camshaft position at low throttle, Intake camshaft position base
DTC mask editor

Supported engines:

5GRFE etc