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Trucks/Industrial Delphi ETC3

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Basic equipment
Trucks/Industrial Delphi ETC3 — 318 $
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Software module for editing calibrations Delphi ETC3 ECUs of diesel trucks and industrial vehicles.

Supported vehicles — DAF, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Tatra.

Hyundai vehicles/engines are not supported!

Available maps:
Air Calculation: Desired air mass flow, Expected air mass flow, Maximum desired airmass flow, Minimum desired airmass flow
Boost Pressure: Air pressure, Boost limitation, Pressure loss adjustment, Reference value for air boost temperature, Boost pressure sensor, Pressure injection correction factor, Correction factor for air mass flow threshold in overflow based, Correction factor for air mass flow model on idle based
DPF: Cold engine factor on DPF regeneration state, Maximum fuel value of DPF regeneration state, Fuel limit for DPF fault, Reference engine speed setpoint for standstill DPF regeneration
EGR Control: Ambient pressure correction for maximum EGR position, Discharge offset based on EGR position, Maximum EGR position, Minimum EGR position, Open loop control EGR position, Fuel limit for active EGR, Maximum/Minimum allowed voltage for EGR actuator driver
Exhaust temperature sensors: Exhaust Temperature upper/lower limit, Maximum/Minimum exhaust temperature
Fan Control (for test): Fuel: Fuel limitation, Fuel value for enabling condition in ignition mode, Smoke fuel limit under cold engine conditions, Threshold fuel value and engine speed map for AMF governor deviation, Maximum/Minimum fuel limitation
Injection: Injection rate, Injection timing efficiency loss
Lambda: High/Low threshold input lambda variation, Lambda reference data at cold/hot temperature, Learn operation area of lambda, Maximum/Minimum value calculation factor for lambda limiter
Limiters (for test): Engine speed limitation, Vehicle speed limitation
NOx: NO2 NOx ratio, Power function for virtual NOX calculation, Reference value of NOx for cold/hot conditions, Variable exponent for power function for virtual NOX calculation
Rail pressure: Base rail pressure, Maximum rail pressure demand compensation
SCR (ADBlue): Maximum permissible temperature limit after SCR, Minimum SCR inlet temperature to disable SCR high efficiency modes, Reference value of O2 for cold conditions
Torque: Base primary retarder torque, Electric fan torque contribution, Maximum achievable torque data, Mechanical fan torque contribution
Volumetric efficiency: Volumetric efficiency reference