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Module [51] Bosch MEDC17 - Bench

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Module [51] Bosch MEDC17 - Bench — 266 $
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Reading and writing of the internal memory (flash and eeprom) of the Tricore processor of the Bosch MEDC17 ECUs on the bench without opening.

Detailed information on the module capabilities and instructions for working with it can be downloaded here.

Identification of the processor type can be carried out both without a license and without a USB key.

All the owners of the module «TRICORE TC1762 / TC1766 / TC1796 / TC1797 / TC1767 / TC1724 / TC1738 / TC1791 / TC1793 / TC1798 / TC1728 / TC1782 / TC1784 / TC1792 / GPT — BOOT MODE» can get a discount equal to 20% to this module. The activation is carried out only for the usb-key where the «Tricore» module has been activated.