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Item no.: 11C1000
Contents of delivery
  • Software (downloaded from the manufacturer's website)
  • USB dongle (Senselock)
Basic equipment
ChipLoaderNG — 76 $
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Status: In stock

ChipLoaderNG is a new generation of flashers by ChipSoft.

The software core has been completely redesigned. It will speed up the process of adding new modules, as well as make it more convenient to use.

All new modules will now be added only to ChipLoaderNG. The previous version of ChipLoader (currently the latest version is 2.39) will be supported and updated too, but new modules will not be added to it. It is planned to gradually move all ChipLoader modules to ChipLoaderNG.

ChipLoaderNG works with the same SenseLock dongle as ChipLoader, no new hardware is required. Both ChipLoader and ChipLoaderNG can be installed on the same computer, but you can use only one of them at the same time.

Some operations (e.g. ECU identification, reading and resetting errors) can be performed without a license or without a SenseLock dongle. This will allow you to evaluate the capabilities of the module before purchasing it.

It requires Windows 7 or higher.

Standard configuration includes support of the following ECUs:

  • Yanvar-5.x;
  • Yanvar-7.2;
  • VS-5.1;
  • Bosch M7.9.7, M7.9.7+;
  • Mikas-7.1;
  • Mikas-7.6;
  • Mikas-10.3;
  • Mikas-10.3+ (Mikas −11) Mikas −11 (GAZ vehicles);
  • VS-8;
  • Yanvar-7.2+;
  • Kefico M 7.9.7;
  • Bosch MP-7.0;
  • Bosch ME 7.9.9;
  • Bosch M 7.9.8;
  • Bosch MG 7.9.8;
  • Bosch ME 7.1;
  • Bosch ME 7.5;
  • Bosch ME 7.5.10;
  • Bosch ME 7.9.7.
Module [50] VAG UDS Bosch MEDC17 - OBD2 Item no.:

OBD writing of VAG Bosch UDS ECUs.

Additional functions:

  • map area checksum correction;
  • OBD2 errors reading and interpretation;
  • error reset;
  • FRF to BIN conversion;

New ECUs are contstatly being added to the list. The current list of the supported ECUs can be viewed in the software.

Identification, reading and error reset can be performed without purchasing the module and USB dongle.

118 $
Module [51] Bosch MEDC17 - Bench Item no.:

Reading and writing of the internal memory (flash and eeprom) of the Tricore processor of the Bosch MEDC17 ECUs on the bench without opening.

Detailed information on the module capabilities and instructions for working with it can be downloaded here.

Identification of the processor type can be carried out both without a license and without a USB key.

All the owners of the module «TRICORE TC1762 / TC1766 / TC1796 / TC1797 / TC1767 / TC1724 / TC1738 / TC1791 / TC1793 / TC1798 / TC1728 / TC1782 / TC1784 / TC1792 / GPT — BOOT MODE» can get a discount equal to 20% to this module. The activation is carried out only for the usb-key where the «Tricore» module has been activated.

302 $
Module [52] DELPHI MT38 - OBD2 - BOOT Item no.:

Reading, writing, cloning, checksum control / correction, IMMO OFF of MT38 ECUs installed on Kia / Hyundai vehicles.

Detailed information on the module’s capabilities and instructions for working with it can be downloaded here.

ECU identification, viewing and resetting DTCs can be carried out both without a license and without a USB key.

72 $
Module [53] MERCEDES DELPHI CRD - OBD2 Item no.:

Reading and writing Delphi CRD.11, CRD2.xx, CRD3.xx ECUs (only with Tricore TC1797) installed on Mercedes vehicles via OBD.

Detailed information on the capabilities of the module and instructions for working with it can be downloaded here.

Additionally supported:

  • Checksum check and recalculation
  • Reading and decoding OBD2 errors
  • Clearing DTC

The current list of supported ECUs can be viewed in the ChipLoaderNG program itself. ECU identification, reading, error reset can be carried out both without a license and without a USB key.

118 $
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