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Chipsoft J2534 Mid & K-line

Item no.: 13C3000
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  • Chipsoft J2534 Mid & K-line
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CHIPSOFT J2534 Mid & K-line adapter is one of the most affordable adapters in its class. Support of various programs working via J2534 standard makes it an irreplaceable tool for diagnostics and chip tuning, and its price allows you to start your own business with minimum financial expenses. Various working modes of the adapter (J2534, K-Line adapter, CANHacker) substantially widen its functionality.

Technical specifications:

  • modern powerful 32-bit ARM processor 72 MHz;
  • work under the control of the real-time operational system (RTOS);
  • support of the bus USB 2.0 Full-speed;
  • update of the adapter firmware via USB;
  • support of J2534 standard, partial support of J2534-2 standard;
  • protection from polarity reversal, static stress;
  • dual power to provide safe work (+5V USB socket, +12V/+24V OBD2 socket);
  • support of power 24V to work with trucks and buses;
  • set programming voltage 5 — 20V with the step 0.1 V onto pins 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 of the OBD2 socket, maximum current is equal to 20 mA;
  • support of Single wire CAN bus (SW CAN);
  • support of the second CAN BUS on pins 3 — 11 of the OBD2 socket (can be also crossed to pins 1 — 8, 12 — 13 via soldering bridges on the OBD2 plate inside the adapter);
  • indication of the operating mode via 3 LEDs;
  • OBD2 case;
  • Mini USB socket to connect to the computer.

Support of the following protocols:

  • ISO 11898 (raw CAN) up to 1Mb/s;
  • ISO 15765-4 (CAN);
  • ISO 14230-4 (Keyword Protocol 2000);
  • ISO 9141-2;
  • GM UART;
  • SW CAN.

The adapter pinout

  • 1 — SW CAN;
  • 3 — CAN Hi (second CAN BUS);
  • 4, 5 — Ground;
  • 6 — CAN Hi (main CAN BUS);
  • 7 — KLine (GM UART, ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4);
  •  8 — can be used for setting voltage 5 — 20V;
  • 9 — can be used for setting voltage 5 — 20V;
  • 11 — CAN Lo (second CAN BUS), can be used for setting voltage 5 — 20V;
  • 12 — can be used for setting voltage 5 — 20V;
  • 13 — can be used for setting voltage 5 — 20V;
  • 14 — CAN Lo (main CAN BUS);
  • 15 — LLine (can also be short to the ground);
  • 16 — +12V (in order to measure the voltage in the OBD socket and adapter power backup).

The adapter is a universal device able to work in various modes:

  • J2534 compatible device;
  • K-Line adapter;
  • CANHacker.

The adapter supports the protocol ISO22900 and works with Tech2Win. Initially the device works as a J2534 compatible device. You can change the device mode using the shortcuts located in Start- Programs - CHIPSOFT J2534 Mid:

  • Make J2534;
  • Make K-Line;
  • Make CANHacker.
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