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Delphi ACDelco

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Basic equipment
Delphi ACDelco — 114 $
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FLASH-memory reading/writing of Delphi ACDelco E37/E38/E39/E67/E78/E80/E83 ECUs in Chevrolet and Opel via OBD.
ACDelco E37 (2.4L — LE5/LE9):
Chevrolet Captiva (C140) 2011+;
Opel Antara 2011+;
ACDelco E38 (4.8L — LY2; 5.3L — LY5/LC9/L45; 6.0L — LQ4/L92/L76; 6.2L — L92/L94/L9H):
Chevrolet Avalanche;
Chevrolet Suburban;
Chevrolet Tahoe;
Caddilac Escalade;
GMC Yukon;
Hummer H2;
ACDelco E39/E39A:
Cadillac SRX 2010+ 3.0L (LF1);
Opel Insignia 2.0L A20NHT (LHU);
Chevrolet Captiva (C140) 2011+ 3.0L (LF1, LFW);
Chevrolet Malibu 2012+ 3.0L (LFW);
Opel Antara 2011+ 3.0L (LF1);
Opel Antara 2012+ 3.0L (LF1, LFW);
Opel Astra J SIDI 170HP;
Opel Astra J OPC;
ACDelco E67:
Caddilac SRX 4.6L (LH2);
Hummer H3;
ACDelco E78: Opel Astra-J A14NET(LUJ);
Opel Corsa-D 2012;
ACDelco E80:
Chevrolet Colorado Z71;
Chevrolet Malibu LCV;
ACDelco E83:
Chevrolet Aveo 2012 Z16XER(LDE);
Opel Insignia A16XER(LDE)/A18XER(2H0);
Opel Astra-J A14XER(LDD)/A16XER(LDE)/A18XER/A16LET(LLU);
Opel Corsa-D 2010 A10XEP/A12XEL/A12XER/A14XEL/A14XER(LDD);
Opel Meriva-B A14XER(LDD)/A14NET(LUJ).