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28 China Truck Cummins CM2150

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Basic equipment
28 China Truck Cummins CM2150 — 396 $
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The module allows you to view, edit, compare firmware files for Foton, JAC, FAW, DongFeng trucks with a Cummins engines and ECM Continental CM2150. It is possible to open and edit ECM files ONLY in *.bin format.

Contains over 1000 basic parameters. Parameters available for torque request, injection quantity, injection phase, fuel pressure, emergency modes, start-up calibrations, SCR calibrations, DTC error mask, etc.

The module corrects the checksums of the file. The calibration names in the module are Cummins abbreviations in English. From the name of the calibration abbreviation, its purpose becomes clear. Reading and writing firmware to the ECU is recommended to be done using the Combiloader programmer.

Available SW:

  • BAH_AX90076_18
  • BAH_AX90116_06
  • BAM_AY80017_05
  • BAM_AY80017_06
  • BBX_CJ90156_11
  • BBX_CJ90156_13
  • BBY_CK90029_09
  • BBY_CK90029_15
  • BBY_CK90030_13
  • BIL_IU10035_12
  • BIL_IU10090_01
  • BIL_IU10090_02
  • BIL_IU10103_00