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FLK09 ECU Mask

Item no.: 11E1000
Basic equipment
FLK09 ECU Mask — 331 $
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ECU Mask is the conclusive solution to the time consuming problem of pin connection placement. The foolproof color coded masks and Master template ensure that the mechatronic makes a correct connection every time.

Its concept is simple, just select the color coded masks suitable to the ECU you wish to connect to and slide them into place in the master ECU template and then fit the ECU MASK into place on the ECU connector.
The correct pin connection will be exposed through the color coded masks so all you have left to do is match up your colored cables and you’ll connect to your ECU safely in no time at all!

Simple and easy to use system created to shorten bench connection times.

  • Get pin connections right every time; The foolproof color coded masks and master template ensure that the mechatronic makes the correct connections every single time
  • Forget about counting tiny ECU pins; The days of struggling with ECU pins are now over, identify your ECU, choose the corresponding color coded mask and connect the wires via the indicated holes.
  • Color coded masks for intuitive use; Choose from the coded plates and slide them into place. Install the ECU MASK on the ECU connector and only the right pins will be accessible
  • Work efficiently and safely on more than 100 supported ECUs

The combination of masks and small plates allows you to connect to several ECUs in just a few seconds.