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Powergate 4

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Basic equipment
Powergate 4 — 402 $
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Powergate is a vehicle control unit programming device designed to offer Powergate dealers the ability to sell modified files, even remotely.

Powergate allows you to work via OBD on a single vehicle chosen from a wide range of supported models, sharing the same protocols as KESS3, using both an internet connection for the Cloud and Bluetooth for communication with your smartphone through the Powergate App for Android, iOS, and EMUI (Huawei).

It differs from KESS3 in its ability to connect to a single vehicle, allowing users to read and write engine and transmission control units using a phone app. It supports a wide range of vehicles (more than 10 times that of Powergate 3) and uses cloud technology for simplified management and real-time monitoring by dealers.

1. Purchase and activation

Dealers/Technicians purchase Powergate devices that are already activated at the time of purchase. These devices can be easily activated using RFID technology without the need to physically open the device packaging. This process is done via the Powergate Manager control panel, a special online interface that allows dealers to activate devices and prepare them for sale. This system not only optimizes the workflow, but also provides greater efficiency in managing distributor stock and preparing devices for end users.

2. Template setup

Powergate Dealers/Technicians have the ability to create unique versions and customizations for their end customers. This is achieved by setting up special templates, which include setting up a mobile application and a list of supported cars. This feature allows resellers to set the device to their specific needs, offering a customized solution.

3. Merging and sale

Once a template is created in Powergate Manager, the dealer/master associates it with a specific Powergate device, making it ready for use and binding it exclusively to them. This step ensures that each Powergate sold is unique and set according to the customer’s services and needs. The dealer then proceeds to sell the Powergate to the buyer, who is usually the owner of the car or even sell the device to an auto repair shop. This process not only simplifies setup and sales, but also ensures that the device is immediately ready for use, improving the overall end-customer experience.

4. Installation and registration by End User

Customer downloads and installs the Powergate app on compatible mobile devices. Then you need to connect the Powergate device to the car via the OBD connector. Through the application, the customer registers the device, linking it with his car. This procedure not only ensures the Powergate is ready for use in a few simple steps, but also establishes a unique connection between the device, the application and the customer’s specific vehicle.

5. Identification and reading operations

During identification and read operations, Powergate identifies and reads specific data from the vehicle control unit to which it is connected. This point is critical because it allows the device to be tied exclusively to a specific vehicle. Once this phase is complete, the Powergate is bound to that vehicle, making it impossible to use it on other vehicles without the special action of erasing the data from the tool. This restriction can be overridden by purchasing a credit, which will allow you to reconnect the device to a new car.

6. Providing modified firmware

Installing modified files via the cloud is divided into two possible options to achieve maximum efficiency and flexibility:

  • The first option allows the dealer/artisan to directly respond to specific customer requests by creating and uploading custom edited files in the cloud that are immediately available for download through the Powergate app.
  • The second strategy involves using a consolidated database of source and modified files, allowing users to select and load pre-configured files, speeding up the setup process and reducing setup wait times.

7. Recording modified file

Once the modified file is available, the end user can proceed to the stage of writing the file to the vehicle’s ECU. Flashing firmware is made easy with the app’s user interface providing an intuitive process that allows users to safely complete the operation in just a few simple steps.

This tool can only read/write encrypted slave files to be managed by the linked master.
This device will be VIN LOCKED to a single vehicle on first use.

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PWG4UCC001 — POWERGATE — User Cancellation Credit

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