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Next Gen OBDeleven PRO Pack

Item no.: 21O4000
Contents of delivery
  • Next generation device
  • 12 month PRO Plan
Basic equipment
Next Gen OBDeleven PRO Pack — 121 $
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OBDeleven with 12 month  PRO Plan OBDeleven becomes a professional diagnostic tool. Operating with easy to use application it allows to fully access all car systems, program, monitor and activate various functions via your iOS, Android, and Huawei devices. Official and licensed full-featured software is constantly updated with new features. 

SFD Protection Unlock

OBDeleven is the first Third-party diagnostic tool that allows real-time SFD (Schutz Fahrzeug Diagnose or Vehicle Diagnostic Protection) unlocking.

  • All OBDeleven PRO, ULTIMATE, and One-Click-Apps users will be able to perform coding on some newest VAG group models with SFD protection.
  • No additional cost required – no need to purchase a GeKo account or buy SFD unlock tokens

What is SFD and how to unlock it with OBDeleven find out more HERE
To find out if your car has SFD-restricted functions check the list of these vehicles HERE

The OBDeleven device fully supports all Volkswagen group vehicles:

  • AUDI
  • SEAT 
  • BENTLEY (Manufactured after 1991)
  • LAMBORGHINI (Manufactured after 2011)


  • One-Click applications
  • Full scan
  • Automatic vehicle identification from VIN
  • Reading / clear trouble codes from all control units
  • Reading information about the control unit
  • Diagnostic data log sharing via email
  • Battery status
  • History of connected cars
  • Engine, Equipment, and fault code lookup
  • Advanced control unit information
  • Live data
  • Charts (currently available for Android only)
  • Gauges (currently available for Android only)
  • Sub control units information
  • Vehicle information
  • User manuals (currently available for Android only)
  • Manuals developer (currently available for Android only)
  • Garage
  • Car backup and programming history
  • Output test


  • Coding / Long coding
  • Coding II (currently available for Android only)
  • Sub control units coding
  • Diagnostic service change
  • Control unit reset (UDS)
  • Login finder (currently available for Android only)
  • Security access
  • Security database
  • Adaptation / Long adaptation
  • Trouble code Freeze frame
  • Basic settings
  • Gateway auto code (currently available for Android only)
  • Gateway installation list coding
  • Coding/Long coding/Adaptation labels development (currently available for Android only)
  • Live data labels development
  • Control unit backup
  • EEPROM (currently available for Android only)
10 credits Item no.:
3 $
100 credits Item no.:
21 $
500 credits Item no.:
88 $
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ULTIMATE Plan Item no.:

OBDeleven ULTIMATE yearly subscription includes PRO licence functionality, unlimited access to all One Click Applications and possibility to create them by yourself.

  • Enjoy the functionality of advanced diagnostic software for programming, monitoring and much more for all VAG group cars: Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda.
  • Get unlimited free of charge access to all One Click Applications - use as many of them as you need.
  • Access Raw data and Create your own One Click Application on the Application builder software.

The programming temporarily is not supported on models that are manufactured from 2020 and have SFD protection. The negotiation regarding the support of these models is in progress.

164 $
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