Combiloader Update ver 2.16.7381

Combiloader NEW modules:

  • NEW MODULE — Bosch EDC16 BSM and Bosch ME9 BSM

FLASH/EEPROM reading/writing of EDC7/EDC16/PSG16/ME9 ECUs without opening.

Dialink is required.

The module DOES NOT support ME9 ECUs of the following brand: BMW.

  • NEW MODULE — Continental SIM2K-25x (J2534) + Continental SIM2K-26x (J2534)

FULL FLASH and EEPROM reading/writing of Continental SIM2K-250/251/253/260/261 ECUs in Hyundai/Kia vehicles.

ECU opening is required. The diagnostic mode supports identification, error reading/reset and software/map area writing. Map area checksum correction. The module allows to disable the digital signature verification.