A Flex exclusive: solution for Citroën Ami

It is now possible to program the EVPT VCU3000 ECU in Bootloader mode

Here some of the supported vehicles:

  • Citroën Ami 2021 8HP

The new Boot protocol is available for the following software packages:

  • FLS0.5M – Flex Full SW Package Master
  • FLS0.5S – Flex Full SW Package Slave
  • FLS0.10M – SW Flex Infineon TC17xx / TCxxx Master 
  • FLS0.10S – SW Flex Infineon TC17xx / TCxxx Slave

Newly added protocols

  • PSA EVPT VCU3000 TC234L Read/Write/Calculate Read/Write/Calculate Checksum Internal Flash, Read/Write External EEPROM, Full Read/Full Write

Reading time: ~ 40 seconds Writing time: ~ 30 seconds

Software improvements

  • OBD Full Patch procedure improved for Continental SID307, SID309 and SID310 KWP ECUs, to ensure a more stable connection with the unit when programming

FLEX Master
FLEX Slave