TGFlash is available on our website!

TGFlash is complete solution for ECU flash memory reading, virtual reading and reprogramming. Also TGFlash lets you identify vehicle control units, read & clear DTC. TGFlash communicates with ECU via any J2534 Passthru interface (OpenPort, Mongoose, PassThru ACTIA, Scanmatik, etc) or ENET cable.

Main features

  • Standard, Master & Slave versions to suit every tuner skills & needs.
    • Standard & Master versions are purchased with at least one of available protocols
    • Standard version has all functionality needed to read/write firmware using purchased protocols, files are open for recalibration
    • Master version differs from Standard the way that it can have connected Slave versions for further coding of slave files for number of writes and/or time expiration with protection from unauthorized reuse. Thus Master version is suited for companies and individual tuners who want to protect their files from unauthorized use
    • Slave versions and their annual renewals are purchased by Master. It has access to all protocols purchased by its Master as long as subscription is valid. Slave version saves ECU readouts which can be decoded only by its Master and can only use files provided by its Master. Thus, it is perfect for these who do not tune files himself
    • Additionally, Master & Slave versions have messenging (with file attachments if needed) functionality for convinient communication
  • All TGFlash protocols automatically adjust firmware checksums (also known as CS) and signatures on writing.
  • You get software download link and activation key via email IMMEDIATELY after your payment. No USB dongles, just license key which links to your computer during installation. You can use license key only on one computer and only one instance of TGFlash software
  • And last, but not the least — we do test protocols BEFORE selling them!


  • Computer with Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10. 32-bit or 64-bit
  • J2534 Passthru interface or BMW ENET cable (depending on protocol)
  • Stable internet connection
  • Adequate car battery charger


  • You can’t run TGFlash on virtual machines (VMware, VirtualBox, etc)
  • It is highly recommended to perform all Windows updates, replace/upgrade computer components BEFORE installing TGFlash, or even use dedicated PC. If, for any reason (HDD/motherboard fault, etc) hardware ID will change — we allow you to reinstall TGFlash on other computer up to 2 (two) times per year, but ONLY for Master and Standard versions, for Slave this is not possible
  • Migration of Slave license from one Master to another is not allowed.


To apply for activation you must send us the end user email which is the login to the TGFlash personal cabinet. If you purchase a Slave license - include the Master's email. If you purchase Slave Renewal - write the Slave's email there. Please write the email in the field with the serial number.


TGFlash Master
TGFlash Standard
TGFlash Slave