Program DASH-Book is a reference tool necessary for quick removal and disassembly of the instrument cluster, the program step by step with illustrations painted the process of removing the instrument cluster with the car, analysis of the instrument cluster, the location of the memory, the memory type, the connection voltage instrument cluster to check the odometer points circuit programming, memory dumps with different mileage.

$ 24

Fordometer 2 is a multifunctional device intended for work with Ford vehicles dashboards. 

$ 150

MAC/MPC/SPC by Autokey is designed for working with 3-bit built-in 5ххх and 7ххх microcontrollers by Freescale Semiconductor.

$ 200

Mazdameter is a multifunctional device intended for work with Mazda vehicles dashboards. 

$ 180

MD Flasher is professional software for working with odometers as well as with immobilizers, airbags and ECUs. The software is module based and is protected with a USB dongle. It requires a J2534 adapter. It has been tested with the following adapters OpenportChipsoft J2534 Lite & K-line, Chipsoft J2534 Mid & K-line.

$ 32

Reneprog is a universal programming tool for H8SX 1721, 1723, 1725, 1725S, 1726S, 1727S, 1797S processors by Renesas. 

$ 360

SRS-Book program is a reference tool necessary for quick removal and disassembly of the SRS airbag control unit.

$ 80

This 2 channel CAN analyzer has a function of adjustable CAN filter. It is assembled on CORTEX-M3 STM32F105 CPU by ST. The terminator allows to receive and transmit messages even when working with one device. It is essential developing devices communicating with other vehicle units via CAN bus, verious emulators, antitheft systems, etc.

$ 90

DragON 2 is an improved version of popular DragON device, used for speed measurements and data logging in drag-racing. It was born on the streets by two car enthusiasts. 

$ 195

Reneprog Light is designed for reparing (erasing crash data) Airbag TOYOTA, SUBARU, HONDA DENSO for H8SX/ 1721 ... H8SX/ 1725, H8SX/ 1797.

$ 80