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Simplified shell for restoring ECUs via UART, contains firmware databases.

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Processor reading without dismantling
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Reneprog is a universal programming tool for H8SX 1721, 1723, 1725, 1725S, 1726S, 1727S, 1797S processors by Renesas. It can be used for removing Crash Data from any Airbag ECU based on these processors even if they have been just released and no other programming tool supports them. These ECUs are installed in Toyota, Honda, Subaru, etc vehicles. Reneprog allows you to read the ECU firmware and then you will be able to restore such ECUs using the dump without unsoldering the processor via UART. There is special software working with this programming tool. Reneprog is designed for reading and writing an unsoldered processor, however it has everything for working via JTAG.

The programming tools itself consists of 2 parts: the basic unit and the so called «table». The table is a simple arrangement of 2 boards which includes quartz for the processor functioning and pull-up resistors. The adapter has 2 LEDs: one to indicate power supply and the other one is for data exchange (activity light).

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  • Programming tool
  • Table for programming unsoldered processors
  • Software (available for download from the official website)
  • Dump database of Airbag ECUs (available for download from the official website)
Brand: Autokey

Basic set:

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