Toyota Lexus Flasher Openport 2.0

19/10/2017 — New modules:  Delphi MT86 Hyundai/Kia, EMS 3155 Renault and SID208 PSA for Combiloader is available for order.

19/10/2017 — Changes in PCMFlash:

  • new module: Renault/Nissan UDS;
  • new module: Citroen/Peugeout (PSA) SID208;
  • in module Nissan/Infiniti CAN-bus added support ECUs Hitachi;
  • in module Ford USA added support ECUs PCM122;
  • in module VAG MED17 UDS added support ECUs MED17.1.21.

17/10/2017 — Module PSG 16 (CAN), PSG16 (KWP) for AutoScanner Opel CAN and OpelScannerCAN PRO for J2534 now support reading. 

12/10/2017 — New module: China MT80 ECU - OBDII for Chiploader is available for order.

10/10/2017 — New module: Kefico CPEGD2/CPGDSH2 for BitEdit is available for order.

09/10/2017 — New modules: Bosch EDC7UC31 (J2534) and Bosch MEDC17 Hyundai/Kia for Combiloader is available for order.