Toyota Lexus Flasher Openport 2.0

22/04/2018 — New PCMFlash modules:

— Module 65 «VAG MED17/EDC17 CAN TP2.0/K-Line» for Bosch ME(D)17/EDC17 ECUS using CAN TP2.0/K-Line protocols. OBD writing of tuned files, checksum verification and correction. Supported ECUs: MED17.1/17.1.1, ME(D)17.5/17.5.1/17.5.2/17.5.5/17.5.6/17.5.20, EDC17U01/U05, EDC17CP04/14/20/24, excluding paired ECUs. Original files are provided.
— Module 66 «Honda Bosch» for Bosch ECUs installed in Honda vehicles. Supported ECUs: MED17.9.3, EDC17C58 (writing after unlocking in BSL), and EDC17CP06, EDC17CP16 (writing after unlocking).
— Module 47 «Mitsubishi Gearbox CAN-bus» now supports TC-SST (Getrag 6DCT470), reading, writing, cloning, checksum correction.

19/04/2018 — New module for BitEdit: Bosch ME(D)(G)17.9.8 for editing calibrations Bosch ME(D)(G)17.9.8 ECUs of petrol normal aspirated and turbocharged Kia/Hyundai.

13/04/2018 — New module for BitBox: Toyota Delphi Gen1 CAN for OBD virtual reading and writing with CAN-bus Toyota Delphi Gen1 ECUs used in Toyota and Scion petrol vehicles.

11/04/2018 — HUGE Combiloader update! 

NEW modules: 
— Bosch EDC17C11/EDC17C42 Renault — reading/writing; Bosch EDC17C11 Renault J2534 Bosch EDC17C42 Renault J2534 SID301 Renault J2534 SID305/306 Renault J2534 SID307 Renault J2534 Delphi DCM3.4 Renault J2534 
— Bosch M7.9.7.1 GM — FLASH memory writing; Chevrolet Aveo 1.6L 
— Bosch MEDC17 Hyundai/Kia UDS — reading/writing of modified files into unlocked ECUs; Bosch EDC17C57 
— MagnetiMarelli MM4HV/MM7GV VAG — FLASH memory reading/writing, checksum correction; MagnetiMarelli MM4HV: 1.4L petrol engines BUD, BXW, CGGA, CGGB; MagnetiMarelli MM7GV: 1.4L/1.6L petrol engines CFNA, CFNB, CLRA, CLPA, CLPB, CLSA, CGGB; 
— Transtron Isuzu 7055 — FLASH memory reading, Renesas SH7055

04/04/2018 — NEW modules for MMC Flasher:
— Module 10 Kia/Hyundai SIM2K 140/141/241/341 — Identification, writing of the map area, full flash reading, checksum recalculation, reading and deleting errors; — Module 34 Nissan Hitachi TCM — Identification, reading/writing of the map area, error reading/deleting, checksum recalculation;
— Module 59 Valeo V46 Citroen/Peugeot — Identification, reading/writing of the map area, checksum recalculation, reading and deleting errors.

Existing modules update:
— Module 56 VAG MED/EDC 17 UDS now supports new software versions and new ECUs: MED17.1.21, EC17C54/EDC17C64/EDC17C74, etc;
— Module 57 is now called Ford TCM Powershift 6DCT250.

28/02/2018 — New module: BMW Fxx Bosch Diesel ENET for BitBox is available for order.