Toyota Lexus Flasher Openport 2.0

20/06/2018 BitBox and BitEdit discounts - 15% till the end of June on ALL software modules!! Use the discount coupon Bit15 when placing your order!

18/06/2018 —  PCMFlash UPDATE! NEW module - Nissan Bosch:

  • Module 67 – for Bosch ME7.9.20 ECUs installed in Nissan X-Trail T31 vehicles with petrol 2.5l engines. Writing, checksum correction;
  • Module 24 "Mitsubishi CAN-bus" now supports ECUs with MH8601 CPUs installed in Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross vehicles starting from 2018. Reading, writing, checksum correction.
  • Module 35 "Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Hino" supports Delphi ECUs with SH72544 ECUs.
  • Module 36 "Kia/Hyundai EDC17" now supports Bosch EDC17C57 ECUs. Reading, writing (after unlocking with Module 53), checksum correction.
  • Module 59 "Renault/Nissan UDS" supports Continental SID310 ECUs installed  Nissan/Renault/Mercedes vehicles. Reading, writing, checksum correction.
  • Module 62 "Ford/Getrag 6DCT450" now supports in BOOT TCM 6DCT450 installed in Chrysler/Dodge vehicles.
  • Module 7 "Ford Transit/Tourneo/Ranger, Land Rover Defender" now supports Continental ID211 ECUs (after unlocking with Module 53), and one variant of SID209.

29/05/2018 — We are glad to announce a new tool in our catalogue — Autotuner Tool. It is a universal tool able to read and write most ECUs available on the market in  BSL or via the OBD diagnostic socket.

25/05/2018 — Due to PCMFlash developer's vacation the activations will be delayed from May 26th till June 4th. The waiting period may take up to 10-12 hours. Please be patient and make orders in advance.

23/05/2018 BitBox UPDATE:

  • NEW module!
Volvo Denso SH72xxx CAN - supports 2 families in BENCH-CAN mode. Removing the ECU is required, there is no need to open it, only direct CAN connection to the ECU.
- Denso SH72543 2.0 Mb BENCH-CAN
- Denso SH72546 3.75 Mb BENCH-CAN
  • NEW families and improvements:
- BMW Fxx DOUBLE MEVD17.2.X ECU in test mode. FID133 now supports writing of the 2nd ECU, the 1st ECU can be written with FID 132 as a single MEVD17.2.X;
- BMW Fxx Bosch ENET now fixed and does not require to reswitch ignition, coding system has been also fixed!
  • Master/Slave system:
- Searching files implemented for the slave files list in the Master application. Filtering is possible by text and by slave selection;
- Filename generation when saving a slave file;
- Slaves can now create a request, even when there is no file the  server.
  • Interface fixes:
- Interface fixes, progress bar bug fixed
- Error handling and internal logging improved
- Removed battery voltage control for ENET families

19/05/2018 — NEW service - leave your feedback! We have introduced a new service to our website: now you can rate the product you bought and write a review! Leave your comment and use the discount coupon code "saleface" for your next order.