Toyota Lexus Flasher Openport 2.0

02/08/2018 BitEdit UPDATE: NEW module — Bosch MD1 for new BMWs — editing calibrations of Bosch MD1 ECUs of diesel BMW vehicles. Supports all required maps for remapping, EGR, DPF removal, and also SCR (ADBlue) removal! DTC table also supported!

25/07/2018 — CMD Flash Slaves and Masters in stock! Order now and get them sooner!

19/07/2018 Autotuner now supports:

  • BMW B46, B48 & B58 Bosch MG1CS003 — Virtual Reading, OBD Writing, CVN Fix;
  • BMW B57: 30d-40d-50d Bosch MD1CP002 — Virtual Reading, OBD Writing, CVN Fix.

19/07/2018 — NEW ITEM — FEMTO OBD Flasher
FEMTO OBD Flasher is a complete ready-to-use solution for flashing BMW F-, G-series and Rollce Roys cars with MG1 and MD1 ECUs, directly through OBD port. You will get an 8Mb ORI full file that you can tune to your liking: chip tuning, DPF switch off, EGR switch off, catalytic converter removal, Vmax, etc. After applying the new improvements to the ORI file — you can easily write it back by OBD

19/07/2018 BitEdit UPDATE:

  • NEW LONG AWAITED module: Honda Keihin 1.5 Turbo — for editing calibrations of the Honda/Acura Petrol 1.5 Turbo vehicles with Keihin ECUs. 
  • NEW module Mazda Mitsubishi 2.3 Turbo — editing calibrations Mitsubishi ECU of petrol Mazda vehicles with 2.3 Turbo engines.

19/07/2018 BitBox 3.0.5 rev 4:  

  • no support for Windows XP from now on.
    New families: — Bosch ME17.8.8.1 Geely added to China Bosch Petrol module        Fixes and improvements:      
  • GM ACDelco Petrol Gen1 total fix, the whole algorithm of CAN reading/writing has been fixed
  • Volvo Denso SH72xxx now supports more ECU types
  • Fixed read/clear DTC for BMW Fxx Bosch ENET module
  • More variations for Bosch ME7.8.8 ECU types added
  • Added CVN reading for Toyota modules