Toyota Lexus Flasher Openport 2.0

22/05/2017 Toyota Lexus ECU Flasher is in stock! Order now and get it in lesser time!

21/04/2017 — New modules: Bosch MEDC17 PSA and SID807 PSA, Bosch MEDC17 VAG UDS for Combiloader is available for order.

10/04/2017 — New module: Hyundai-KIA 91F061/91F062 without EEPROM for M&D Flasher is available for order.

30/03/2017 — Are in stock again: Openport 2.0 and UCDS

13/03/2017 — New modules: Continental M3C, Nissan Denso Diesel SH7058 & Nissan Denso Diesel SH7059 for BitEdit is available for order.

01/02/2017 — Added adapter GPT for Infineon Tricore BSL for PCMFlash