Toyota Lexus Flasher Openport 2.0

31/10/2018 BitBox/BitEdit HALLOWEEN SALE! Till November 7th 10% OFF ALL modules and Slaves! Use the discount coupon 10-sale to get this 10% discountBitBox UPDATE: 

  • NEW module (TEST): BMW Motorrad
  • NEW families: China Bosch ME7.8.8 FAW is now supported; Module Bosch MSE3.0 reneamed to China Bosch Moto/Extreme, and Bosch US6.0 added with virtual reading, writing and checksums; 
  • NEW module: Kia/Hyundai Continental SIM2K-24x - editing calibrations of Continental SIM2K-24x ECUs of petrol normal aspirated and turbocharged Kia/Hyundai vehicles. 

26/10/2018 Autotuner UPDATE! Autotuner now supports:

  • Renault - Dacia - Nissan Continental EMS3155 - Continental SID310 - Bosch EDC17C84 — OBD reading, OBD writing;
  • Opel - Fiat Bosch EDC17C84— OBD reading, OBD writing;
  • VAG 2.0 TSI Continental Simos 18.10— BOOT reading, BOOT writing.

19/10/2018 Alientech K-Tag UPDATE! K-Tag now supports:

  • BAIC SENOVA X35 1.5 VTI-TECH ECU Brand: BOSCH ECU Version: ME17.8.8 Micro: TC1728 Make: BAIC Protocol: 1112;
  • CHERY A3 1.6 DVVT ECU Brand: BOSCH ECU Version: ME17.8.8 Micro: TC1728 Make: Chery Protocol: 1113;
  • HONDA CIVIC TYPE-R 2.0 I-VTEC ECU Brand: BOSCH ECU Version: MED17.9.3 Micro: TC1793 Make: Honda Protocol: 1110;
  • HYUNDAI SANTA FE 2.4 ECU Brand: CONTINENTAL ECU Version: SIM2K-341 Micro: TC1766 Make: Hyundai Protocol: 1111

19/10/2018 Autotuner UPDATE! Autotuner now supports:

  • Renault Megane IV RS Hitachi BED501— OBD reading, OBD writing; 
  • Alpine A110 2018 Hitachi BED436— OBD reading, OBD writing.

11/10/2018 Autotuner UPDATE! Autotuner now supports:

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.9T V6 Quadrifoglio Bosch MED17.3.5 — Boot reading, Boot writing;
  • French vehicles with Bosch, Valeo, Continental & Delphi ECUs — OBD reading, OBD writing.

10/10/2018 CMDFLASH UPDATE V3.2.0.180 OBD:

  • VAG Continental SIM18.4 Flexray gateway VR/W/CHK/Recovery
  • VAG BOSCH MED17.1.61 VR/W/CHK/Recovery
  • LR BOSCH EDC17CP55 MY19 Flexray Gateway VR/W/CHK/Recovery
  • FORD BOSCH EDC17C10-5.25 MY18 VR/W/CHK/Recovery
  • BOSCH MED17.1.61 R/W/CHK/Recovery