MMC Flasher

MMC Flasher

Software Installation and Start


MMC Flasher software has its own setup beginning from version 0.8.x. Installation packages are formed for every user individually (attached to the dongle number). The software functions after the start without the dongle, though don’t try to do anything with an ECU without connecting the dongle. The ECU can be damaged in this case. Connect your USB dongle before starting MMC Flasher software.




Correct functioning of the software requires installation of Senselock USB dongle drivers which you can download here (version


If you already use Chiploader, Combiloader (with Senselock dongle) or ChipTuningPRO7 software, there is no need to install the driver.


For safety reasons connect your USB dongle only after the drivers installation.


MMC Flasher Advantages


MMC Flasher is a unique product allowing to work with a great number of ECUs using both CAN bus and K-line. Generally MMC Flasher has nothing comparable to it. In case when its functions partly coincide with those of free software like EcuFlash (works with MH8206F/MH8305F processors) its advantages are particularly important. Is it worth to pay more for MMC Flasher? Our answer is definitely yes, here are some reasons:


  • MMC Flasher doesn’t require XML files creation. You can read and flash using only two buttons. What can be easier?
  • You will never get confused with processor types using MMC Flasher. Reading and flashing algorithms are the same, but dump full size is different. If you choose the wrong processor type in EcuFlash, read and modify it, after flashing you can get an inoperative ECU. It will cost you a lot of money, time and nerves to recover it.
  • After reading MMC Flasher automatically compares contents of ECU flash memory with the buffer contents and in case of mismatching it gives a warning. You are guaranteed to read what the ECU contains.
  • MMC Flasher is considerably faster due to the unique algorithm.
  • If there is stock firmware it is possible to recover an ECU from any state which makes working with ECUs completely safe.

Besides the mentioned above strong points it’s worth noting some other key advantages of MMC Flasher:

  • Wide coverage of Japanese and Korean models.
  • Regular updates and technical support, new ECUs and processor types are frequently added.
  • Work through J2534 devices (CAN), it uses full functionality of Openport 2 (work with built-in reflash connector).

It should be noted that due to growing functionality MMC Flasher modules cost might increase. However, support and updates will remain free for those who already have the software and are provided by the software developer Stanislav.

MMC Flasher is a multi-purpose loader intended for Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, Ford, Nissan, Infiniti, Honda chip-tuning. The product is unique in the home and international software market.

It supports FLASH reading and flashing of various ECU/processors types (see: modules review)

The loader is unique in the home and international software market.

It functions with a standard J2534 adapter (tested with Openport 2.0)


Delivery package

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