Chipsoft J2534 Lite & K-line

Chipsoft J2534 Lite & K-line

You can download CHIPSOFT J2534 (Lite) user manual here:

You can download the adapter driver here:

You can download the J2534 driver and firmware update here:

A reasonably priced universal adapter for ECU diagnostics and programming via J2534 protocol. The adapter pinout is completely unified with that of ELM327 adapters. Connectivity cables are to be purchased separately. The adapter has been successfully tested with the following diagnostic software: PCMScan, ScanXL, Toyota Techstream (not in full) and chip-tuning software: ChipLoader (in full), OpenBox (in full), CombiLoader, MultiFlasher (not in full).


  • J2534 adapter by Chipsoft in the acrylic casing
Brand: Chipsoft

Basic set: