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Software Protection Dongle

A software protection dongle is a USB device which identifies the user and activated licenses. It is necessary for the software functioning, purchased once and is fit for any BitEdit module. Nowadays the most advanced and small SenseLock EL-Genii version with 64 Kb memory is used. The dongle driver for 32 and 64 bit Windows can be downloaded here.

If you have any problems starting the software, do the following:

  1. Check for .NET Framework 4.0 
  2. Check for Openport drivers. 
  3. Check for MS Visual C++ Runtime

BitEdit is a modern software for editing automative ECU calibrations and allows to change most dynamic options of the engine. Software working like that: your are opening ECU flash file, its procceds an identification and SW shows list of calibrations, that can be edited.

After changes completed you can save new file ready for writing. BitEdit editor is good for professionals and newbie tuners.

REV & Speed limiters are available for Toyota

We are glad to inform that we can add maps REV limiter and Speed Limiter for petrol Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Now this maps are available for most vehicles with 4.0+ litres engines (modules Toyota Denso Petrol 4 & 5).

For vehicles with lower displacement engines we need to make additional tests.


  • USB-dongle
  • Software (sent via email)
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