Alientech K-Tag Master

Alientech K-Tag Master

Technical support

The technical support is provided by Alientech directly at: (in English and Italian).
The tool requires registration. The user gets Customer Code and Password to access Alientch Data Bank where one can check their subscription state. DataBank is used for preparing files (packing and unpacking) for Slave tools. After the first login the password is to be changed!

K-TAG Master is a professional universal ECU programmer, a powerful tool for reading and writing flash and eeprom memory of the control units of cars, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural machinery and boats.

K-TAG is designed for “on the table” via debug interfaces of the processors — BDM, BSL, JTAG. The standard instruments supports J-Tag (Renesas, Motorola, Nexus) to work with cars, Asian brands, it is 100% compatible with it and with the manufacturer’s protocols BDM (Motorola) and BSL (Infeneon). Thus, the device supports the vast majority of modern 8, 16 and 32-bit microprocessors and is a great addition to the well known flasher KESS v2, together with it is professional multifunctional system for solving the most difficult tasks

Reliable and professional

  • Has a powerful, flexible, convenient and easy to use interface.
  • Supports automatic updates of interactive step-by-step guides for connecting to the ECU
  • Ensures a full backup and restore ECU memory in case of failure
  • Performs reading and writing of internal and external flash and eeprom memory of the processor
  • Carries out protection is disabled for further work via OBD-II






  • Base unit 14KT00KTAM
  • Set of jumper cables 144300KTST
  • Adapter Kit for soldering to be soldered: 14AS00T01S, 14AS00T03S, 14AS00T04S
  • Cable for MED17-EDC17 14P600KT02
  • the power cable of the device through battery 144300K218
  • USB cable
  • Carrying Case

Basic set:

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