Ecutools v2 K-Line Adapter

 Ecutools v2 K-Line Adapter

Installation and Adjustment


Our adapter is assembled on the modern FT232RL chip which can emulate COM port functions almost completely that is why it is necessary to install FTDIChip virtual COM port drivers which you can download here

After the drivers installation the system will automatically find the device and create a virtual COM port which you are to select in the program settings.


NB! If you already use any FTDI devices, there is no need to install the drivers. The device will be defined right after the connection to your PC. Though we still strongly recommend making sure that you have the latest driver version before using the device.


Correct functioning of the adapter with all programs requires the driver adjustment:


1. Open the Device Manager through the Control Panel or:


Start — Run — devmgmt.msc


2. In the COM & LPT ports section select the device and access its settings.


Adjust the port according to our recommendations:



Our adapter pinout is identical to that of SMS-Software adapters.

You can use the following pinout if you want to do it yourself:

NB! Connect serial cables before connecting the device to the USB port.

K-line adapter is a data transmission device for connecting a vehicle ECU to a PC. It can be used for FADEC diagnostics and ECU reprogramming.

This adapter is a second generation device of our production and differs from the previous version by having a built-in galvanic separation. The device has reliable and time tested circuit engineering on FT232RL and L9637D. The adapter is integrated into the DB-25 connector case, has reverse polarity protection up to 2000V and equalizes potentials in case of high voltage allowing to protect the device from electric damage and electromagnetic interference. It can function at 9-28V with automatic K-line adjustment to power supply voltage.

The adapter pinout is completely unified with that one of SMS-Software adapters for more convenient working process. Serial cables are to be purchased separately.

It is fully compatible with PowerBox and tested with the following software: Chiploader by Chipsoft; Openbox by Roy; ST10 Flasher, and with many other common programs.


  • adapter (sent by mail)
Brand: ECUTools

Basic set:

Cables for Ecutools and SMS-Software adapters: