Toyota Lexus ECU Flasher

Toyota Lexus ECU Flasher

Prepare to Use the Device:

0) Use only a quality USB cable. «Chinese» cables lose up to 0,5V, which makes working with ECUs impossible.
1) Before you start working install virtual STM COM port drivers. Note that initial start will unzip a setup program which is to be run to install the driver. If you already use any other devices by Autokey, it’s very likely that the necessary driver has been installed already.
2) After the driver installation you are to run the program the link to which you will receive and activate the device if needed. To activate the device you are to access Help section, select About, copy Hardware Id and send the data to the dealer to get an activation code..
3) If you read and successfully determine a processor ID with a nonactivated device, you will receive a warning Interface Locked.

Work with:

0) Check if the ECU is supported by inspecting its exterior, it should have pins 6 and 14 in the OBD connector (CAN bus) or make sure that diagnostics is conducted through CAN. It supports vehicles from 2003-2004 up to the present time. The mentioned processors were introduced when CAN support began and as a rule when the coachwork was changed. NB! Camry 50 small hermetic ECUs (entirely metal) and those similar are not supported as there is no space for such a connector on the board.
1) Dismantle the ECM from the vehicle;
2) Open its case. If the unit is hermetic, you are to separate the case halves which are attached to each other with a layer of white fragile sealant.
3) After accessing the circuit board you are to find its number written in white and find it among those with help files (


Unsolder a 20 pin connector on the board (marked orange) and prepare an extra cable (the pad is marked red on the boards);


5) Plug the transitional adapter in the unsoldered connector so that the boot pin on the adapter is aiming at the processor, then connect the extra cable to the pin on the board;


If you work with 76F0070 and 76F0085 processors it is necessary to visually find the boot pins and check resistors pads connection.
If you have any problems, please contact, supplying your letter with HD photos of the pad and connectors. Determine earth points in advance as well.

Toyota Flasher, a joint project by Autokey and PCMflash, is a multipurpose programmer for Denso and Fujitsu Ten ECUs with NEC processors installed in TOYOTA, LEXUS and SCION vehicles with petrol and diesel engines through JTAG interface.  OBD writing via CAN bus is supported. It is a unique solution in the chip tuning world. It covers almost all the models beginning from 2003-2004. It can read, flash, clear, verificate internal flash memory of microcontrollers if connected to the appropriate connector on the ECU circuit board. 

Supported ECUs:

All ECUs with the following processors NEC 7F00XX: 76F0038, 7F0038A, 76F0039, 76F0039A, 76F0040, 76F0040A, 76F0070 BGA, 76F0085 BGA. These processors were introduced at the beginning of CAN support and as a rule with coachwork change.





  • Its own hardware interface allows to avoid all compatibility and driver problems;
  • Work through built-in 20 or 26 pin JTAG connector;
  • Full access to the ECU memory at high speed of more than 100 KB/s;
  • Saving files in the open format;
  • Firmware checksum verification and recalculation.


  • Toyota Lexus ECU Flasher adapter;
  • Software
Brand: Autokey

Basic set:

Accessories for Toyta/Lexus Flasher :