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Alientech K-Tag Master

Item no.: 11K1000
Contents of delivery
  • K-TAG Master (Tool) 14KT00KTAM
  • Connection Basic Kit 144300KTST
  • Boards to be soldered: 14AS00T01S, 14AS00T03S, 14AS00T04S
  • Cables for MED17-EDC17 14P600KT02
  • Battery cable (crocodile clips) 144300К218
  • USB cable
  • Carrying case
  • 14P600KT03 Infineon Tricore EDC GPT Connection Cable for Bosch EDC17 GPT ECUs
  • 14P600KT06 Infineon Tricore MED GPT Connection Cable for Bosch MED17 GPT ECUs
Basic equipment
Alientech K-Tag Master — 1 169 $
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Status: In stock

K-TAG Master is a professional universal bench programmer for ECUs and TCUs of cars, motorcycles, trucks, agricultural machinery and boats. 

K-TAG can communicate with all the ECUs, also of the last generation, through a direct connection to the micro. This tool will allow you to read and write the microprocessor of the control unit, the flash memory and the EEPROM. It’s the best choice for the professional who wants to be the best.

The solution K-Tag Master is suggested to professionals who want to have the complete control of the remapping procedure of the car ECU. First you read the files inside the ECU using K-Tag, then you edit their parameters using our software ECM Titanium according to the needs of your customers, and last you re-write them back in the ECU.


  • Complete access to the ECU EEPROM and micro; 
  • Reading/Writing; 
  • Automatic checksum correction; 
  • Activation sorted by microprocessor;
  • ECU data cloning; 
  • Update for new vehicles.


  • ECU files reading; 
  • ECU files writing; 
  • Single software manager: K-Suite;
  • Illustrated multilingual manual; 
  • Non-mandatory subscription; 
  • Backup and cloning available.

An important help is K-Suite, K-TAG software, that easily and step by step will lead you through all the stages: selection of the vehicle or of the ECU you want to work on, updates manuals for any single protocol, necessary cables and also implementations and developments to let your business grow exponentially:

  • DESIGN: Intuitive and totally renewed graphics — user experience improved. From the icon of the vehicles supported to the control dashboard, from the customized details to a software uniformed and easy to use.
  • OPERATING SPEED: The most common operations are instinctive and immediate. In a few steps you will be able to select the tool to be used and the vehicle, finding out which cables and accessories are required and access to the online shop directly.
  • FEATURES: The vehicles’ list is always at hand, more complete and detailed. Thousands of notes and information. The search option in K-Suite is easier and quicker, one single spec is enough.
  • TOTALLY RENEWED TECHNICAL MANUALS: All the descriptions are clearer and easier, a complete and reliable guide to work in total safe. A zoom feature is available to help you during the most delicate steps of your work.
14KTMA0001 Item no.:

BDM Motorola MPC5xx protocol activation

351 $
14KTMA0002 Item no.:

JTAG Nexus MPC5xxx protocol activation

701 $
14KTMA0003 Item no.:

JTAG Renesas SH705x protocol activation

584 $
14KTMA0004 Item no.:

Bootloader Mitsubishi  MH72xx/MH8xxx protocol activation

584 $
14KTMA0005 Item no.:

Bootloader Infineon Tricore and Booloader ST10Fxxx protocol activation

818 $
14KTMA0006 Item no.:

BDM Motorola 68000HC protocol activation

468 $
14KTMA0007 Item no.:

BDM Motorola HC12 protocol activation

584 $
14KTMA0008 Item no.:

Bootloader RENESAS M32 protocol activation

584 $
14KTMA0009 Item no.:

NBD NEC 76F00xx Toyota protocol activation 

818 $
14KTMA0011 Item no.:

JTAG Motorola MPC5xxx – Freescale SPC5xxxx protocol activation

701 $
Full Activation Item no.:

Activation of all protocols available at the time of purchase

3 273 $
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144300KTST Item no.: 11K1/06

Replacement Kit with boards and wire in the basic kit

175 $
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144300KBDM Item no.: 11K1/02

BDM Motorola MPC5xx Adapter Kit: 14AM00T00M - 14AM00T01M - 14AM00TBAS - 14AM00TB01 - 14AM00TB02 - 14AM00TB03 - 14AM00T02M 

456 $
144300KNEX Item no.: 11K1/03

JTAG Nexus MPC5xxx Adapter Kit: 14AM00T05M - 14AM00T06M - 14AM00T14M 

245 $
144300KRE1 Item no.: 11K1/04

JTAG Renesas Adapter Kit: 14AM00T07M - 14AM00T10M - 14AM00T09M - 14AM00T08M - 14AM00T11M - 14AM00T28M - 14AM00T29M - 14AM00T30M

456 $
144300KTR3 Item no.: 11K1/05

Bootloader Infineon Tricore/Bootloader ST10Fxxx Adapter Kit: 14AM00T03M - 14P600KT04 – 14AM00T17M – 14AM00T24M – 14AM00T25M – 14AM00T20M – 14AM00T22M - 14AM00T23M

725 $
144300T107 Item no.: 11K1/07

Renesas M32 ECU Denso: Board for Positioning Frame for Denso ECUs used on Kawasaki-Suzuki vehicles

82 $
14AM00T00M Item no.: 11K1/13

Motorola MPC5xx ECU Delphi Dci: Board for Positioning Frame for Delphi DCI ECUs

94 $
14AM00T01M Item no.: 11K1/14

Motorola MPC5xx ECU BOSCH: Board for Positioning Frame for Bosch ECUs

94 $
14AM00T02M Item no.: 11K1/15

Motorola MPC5xx Delphi DCM: Board for Positioning Frame for Delphi DCM ECUs

94 $
14AM00T03M Item no.: 11K1/16

ST10Fxxx ECU Bosch MED7/STD10: Board for Positioning Frame for Bosch ECUs equipped with ST10Fxxx microprocessor

94 $
14AM00T05M Item no.: 11K1/17

Nexus MPC5xxx ECU Marelli: Board for Positioning Frame for Marelli ECUs equipped with MPC5xxx microprocessor

94 $
14AM00T06M Item no.: 11K1/18

Nexus MPC5xxx ECU Delphi: Board for Positioning Frame for Delphi ECUs equipped with MPC5xxx microprocessor

94 $
14AM00T07M/10M Item no.: 11K1/19

Renesas SH705x ECU Denso: Boards for Positioning Frame to write Denso ECUs

117 $
14AM00T08M/11M Item no.: 11K1/20

Renesas SH705x ECU Denso: Board for Positioning Frame to write Denso ECUs in Mitsubishi vehicles

117 $
14AM00T09M Item no.: 11K1/21

Renesas SH705x ECU Denso: Board for Positioning Frame to write Denso ECUs in Suzuki vehicles

58 $
14AM00T13M Item no.: 11K1/22

Nexus MPC5xxx ECU TRW: Board for Positioning Frame for TRW Truck ECUs

94 $
14AM00T14M Item no.: 11K1/23

Nexus EFI T6 Lotus: Board for Positioning Frame for EFI ECUs equipped with T6 microprocessor

94 $
14AM00TB01 Item no.: 11K1/30

Motorola MPC5xx Board Siemens: Pull-out Tip for Multi-function Board for Siemens ECUs

58 $
14AM00TB02 Item no.: 11K1/31

Motorola MPC5xx Board Marelli: Pull-out Tip for Multi-function Board for Marelli ECUs

58 $
14AM00TB03 Item no.: 11K1/32

Motorola MPC5xx Board Bosch EDC7: Pull-out Tip for Multi-function Board for Bosch EDC7 ECUs

58 $
14AM00TBAS Item no.: 11K1/33

Motorola MPC5xx Multi-function Board: Multi-function Board for Positioning Frame for 1,27 thread pull-out Tips

94 $
14AS00T02S Item no.: 11K1/34

Motorola MPC5xx ECU TRW: Board to be soldered for TRW Truck ECUs

58 $
14AS00T05S Item no.: 11K1/35

Nexus MPC5xxx ECU TRW: Board to be soldered for TRW Truck ECUs

94 $
14P600KT04 Item no.: 11K1/39

Infineon Tricore ECU Bosch EDC17/MED17: Board for Positioning Frame for Bosch ECUs equipped with "Antintuning" firmware

129 $
144300T108 Item no.: 11K1/08

ECU Data - Cable: OBDII Cable for KTAG ECU Data function

41 $
14P600KT03 Item no.: 11K1/38

Infineon Tricore EDC GPT Cable: Connection cable for Bosch EDC17GPT ECUs

29 $
14P600KT06 Item no.: 11K1/40

Infineon Tricore MED GPT Cable: Connection cables for Bosch MED17 GPT ECUs 

29 $
14P600KGPT Item no.: 11K1/37

Infineon Tricore GPT Cable Kit: Connection cables for Bosch EDC17-MED17 GPT ECUs (14P600KT03 and 14P600KT06)

53 $
144300T109 Item no.: 11K1/09

SMD Grabber Probe Kit: 3 Grabber Probes with SMD (BGA microprocessor)

117 $
14AM00T18M Item no.: 11K1/25

Motorola MPC56xxx ECU Marelli: Board for Positioning Frame for Marelli ECUs

117 $
144300KAD4 Item no.: 11K1/01

Adapters for Positioning Frame – the suitcase contains the following items: 144300KBDM - 144300KTR3 - 144300KNEX - 144300KRE1 - 144300KNEC – 14AM00T18M


2 104 $
14AM00T17M Item no.: 11K1/24

Infineon Tricore ECU Bosch EDC17C59: Adapter for Positioning Frame on Bosch EDC17C59 ECUs using Infineon Tricore

117 $
14AM00T22M Item no.: 11K1/26

Infineon Tricore ECU Bosch MEDC17.9: Adapter for Positioning Frame on Bosch MEDC17.9 ECUs using Infineon Tricore

129 $
14AM00T24M Item no.: 11K1/27

Infineon Tricore ECU SID208-SID209: Adapter for Positioning Frame on Continental SID208-SID209 ECUs using Infineon Tricore

117 $
14AM00T25M Item no.: 11K1/28

Infineon Tricore ECU SID807: Adapter for Positioning Frame on Continental SID807 ECUs using Infineon Tricore

117 $
144600KT02 Item no.: 11K1/12

Cable for MED17-EDC17 ECUs from the Basic Kit.

58 $
144300T111 Item no.: 11K1/10

Infineon Tricore ECU Simos PCR 2.1 Cable

26 $
144300KNEC Item no.: 11K1/50

NBD NEC 76F00xx Adapter Kit for Positioning Frame using NEC 76F00xx: 14AM00T15M - 14AM00T16M -144300T110

210 $
14AS00T08S Item no.: 11K1/51

NBD NEC 76F00xx Board Type A: Board to be soldered for NBD NEC 76F00xx ECUs

64 $
14AS00T09S Item no.: 11K1/52

NBD NEC 76F00xx Board Type B: Board to be soldered for NBD NEC 76F00xx ECUs

64 $
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14P800ADB1 Item no.: 11K1/45

Positioning Frame Evo: Positioning Frame with upper illumination deck and 4 programming probes

468 $
14P800ADB2 Item no.: 11K1/41

Upper illumination deck: Upper illumination deck and programming probes

127 $
14P800ADB3 Item no.: 11K1/44

Programming probes kit: 4x Programming probes

81 $
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18C757KMT1 Item no.:

Master - 12 Months Subscription

643 $
18C757TMY1 Item no.:
Subscription renewal from the expiry day + 12 months from the renewal day.
771 $
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Denso multifunctional board Item no.:

Denso ECU Board for Positioning frame: Toyota vehicles (JTAG 20 pins). Step 1.27x5.8 mm

58 $
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