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CombiBox for Combiloader

Item no.: 13C6000
Contents of delivery
  • Adapter
  • Universal cable
Basic equipment
CombiBox for Combiloader — 93 $
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CombiBox is designed to connect an ECU to Combiloader and DIALink adapter on the bench and to switch power and GPT1, GPT2 signals, and to form BOOT, CNF1 signals.


CombiBox requires constant 12V supply voltage. The mating part of the connector is included in the delivery package. It is utterly important to respect polarities when arranging soldered connections of the power cable. Incorrect power supply is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and may cause the CombiBox or the control unit connected to it to fail. It is recommended to use regulated laboratory power supplies with voltage adjustment range up to 30V and with a maximum current of not less than 3A to safely operate CombiBox and program ECUs.


On the back of the CombiBox there are 2 plugs:

1. DIALink is a plug for connecting the adapter of the same name.

The plug has the following connection diagram:

  • 4 GND
  • 5 GND
  • 6 CAN-H
  • 7 K-LINE
  • 14 CAN-L
  • 15 L–LINE
  • 16 POWER

2. Combiloader is a plug for connecting the adapter of the same name.

On the front panel of the device there is a DB-25 plug designed to connect to the ECU using the universal cable included in the delivery package. All cable wires are labeled for proper connection. The cable is equipped with additional contact pairs on the «VECU» and «VKEY» circuits, which allows to supply up to eight supply voltages (four small contacts and four large ones).

GPT1 and GPT2 lines are output in a separate bundle along with additional CAN-H and CAN-L.

Control elements

GPT switch

When this mode is activated, signal lines 7 and 15 of the DiaLink plug are switched to the DB-25 plug (GPT1 and GPT2), and power is switched off the DiaLink plug at the same time. It is used for reading a password in the GPT mode. When off, signal lines 7 and 15 are switched to the DB-25 plug (K-line and L-line), and the GPT1 and GPT2 lines are de-energized.

POWER switch, power control

The device has three modes of power supply to the ECU:

  • OFF, allows to remove all the power and control signals from the DB-25 plug.
  • MANUAL, power is supplied to VECU and VKEY terminals, as well as to the control outputs, depending on the chosen operation mode of the BOOT switch.
  • AUTO, in this mode, power management is performed by the CombiLoader.

BOOT switch, simultaneous control of BOOT and CNF1 signals (3.3V):

  • OFF, allows to remove all control signals from the DB-25 plug.
  • MANUAL, pulls BOOT to signal minus, and CNF1 to +3.3V.
  • AUTO, in this mode, simultaneous control of signals is performed by the CombiLoader.

The device has built-in current limiting resistors on the signal lines:

  • RESET — 5,1 kOhm (for st10)
  • BOOT — 510 Ohm
  • CNF1 — 510 Ohm
  • CAN — 120 Ohm


  • The GPT LED indicates the activation of the same mode.
  • The VECU, VKEY LEDs indicate the VECU and VKEY voltage availability.
  • The 12V LED indicates the supply voltage availability.
  • The BOOT LED indicates pull-ups on CNF1 and BOOT.
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