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MUT-3 J2534 Full Driver

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Basic equipment
MUT-3 J2534 Full Driver — 165 $
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MUT-3 J2534 Full Driver works with the original software for Mitsubishi MUT3 diagnostics. The driver supports 100% functionality of the original MUT III and MUT III Lite Scanner.

Driver types:

— Only CAN bus (approximately 2005+) ECUs and vehicles are supported, reprogramming and K-Line is not supported
— Licensing type: binding to one PC without the ability to use a virtual machine

Full functionality without restrictions.
— CAN;
— K-Line (OBD, ISO-MMC, KWP) only on pin 7 (see diagrams). For vehicles manufactured until the year 2000, approximately. Some ECUs require other pins in the diagnostic connector, thus, they will not work fully (this is a limitation of the original scanner);
— Reprogramming for CAN bus ECUs only;
— Licensing type: binding to one PC without the ability to use a virtual machine or USB key without the previously mentioned restrictions.

Supported adapters:

  • Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 (original) - Full Support
  • ScanDoc Compact (J2534) - Full Support
  • Scanmatik 2 Pro - Full Support
  • Toyota Mini-VCI - CAN vehicles support without reprogramming and long codings writing (ETACS 2013+). For Simple driver version only. Driver for Mini-VCI.
  • Chipsoft J2534 - Full support for CAN auto, partial support for K-line (SRS, ABS and ECUs that use pin 1 in the diagnostic connector will not work)
  • Other J2534 adapters - provided that the adapter is 100% compliant.

Supported features:

  • diagnostics of all electronic systems of Mitsubishi vehicles;
  • viewing and recording of operating parameters in real time;
  • ECU coding;
  • ECU programming and updating;
  • Adaptations impemention and resetting;
  • Service procedures;
  • VIN number changing in ECUs;
  • ETACS option coding;
  • Component calibration including hybrid engines;
  • ETACS reset;
  • Key programming.

You need to buy the USB dongle for working with the deriver. In the future, this dongle can be used to activate Mitsubishi Flasher modules.

What operations can be performed:

  • Updating of the engine file, automatic transmission, ETACS and other modules;
  • Outlander PHEV battery calibarting;
  • Resetting ETACS from disassembly to factory state (with blank VIN) and its binding;
  • Restoring factory encodings;
  • Many other special features that are only available on dealer equipment.

Technical support is provided by the developer directly.

MUT-3 J2534 Driver Simple Item no.:

— Only CAN-Bus ECUs are supported (approximately 2005+), Reprogramming and work with K-Line ECUs is not supported;
— Licensing type: binding to one PC without the ability to use a virtual machine

70 $
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USB Dongle Large Item no.: 21M2/01

The USB dongle allows you to use the VCI–Lite emulator without being tied to a specific PC, as well as on virtual machines.
A license (basic equipment) must be purchased to use it.

23 $
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