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Boot-Bench Connection cable

Item no.: 11P1/01
Basic equipment
Boot-Bench Connection cable — 51 $
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Adapter (boot/bench cable) for bench working with PCMFlash together with Scanmatik 2 or Scanmatik 2 PRO and external power supply (12V or 24V for trucks). 

  • Power connector is Jack 2.0 mm;
  • Has a built-in short circuit protection;
  • The maximum allowable current is up to 5 A;
  • Automatic power management and Boot and CNF1 signals;

Works with ALL PCMFlash modules that require Bench work and automatic power management, such as 53 , 71 ,77 and others.

Ver. 2, short-circuit protection.

The wire colouring of the connection cable

Red — +12V
Blue-yellow — GPT1 (5v amplitude output)
Black — GND
Red-yellow — GPT2 (5v amplitude output)
Red-white — GPT1 -12b (bufferless, up to 12V)
Black-white — GPT2 -12b (bufferless, up to 12V)
White — CAN H
Violet — Vpp
Green — CAN L
Blue — CNF1 510 Ohm
Yellow — K-Line
Grey — boot 1 kOhm

External power 12V (5, А mах) Jack


The correct pinouts to the adapter board:


Additional features:

The adapter provides the ability to control the power supply manually. For this feature, it is required to make a switch, see the photo below. Manual control is a better option than automatic control.
For advanced users: after completion it is possible to work on the bench with all packages originally designed to work in the car, for example: 50, 36, etc.