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License 1 - Dacia/Lada/Nissan/Renault ECU MCU С167 BENCH/OBDII

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Basic equipment
License 1 - Dacia/Lada/Nissan/Renault ECU MCU С167 BENCH/OBDII — 126 $
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Allows to read/write the FULL Flash 29F200/29F400. Allows reading/writing Flash emulated in EEPROM.
"Virginize" function - allows to make the ECU "New", suitable for installation on the car and its further adaptation for operation.
Read/Write works even when the immobiliser is locked, which allows you to repair the immobiliser without disassembling the ECU.
The firmware read in this way fully corresponds to the file read by the programmer in the "panel". 
The work is done by direct connection to the ECU, without disassembling the ECU.

List of supported ECUs:

  • Sirius 32 KLINE 
  • Sirius 32 CAN 
  • Sirius 34 KLINE
  • Sirius 34 CAN 
  • Siemens EMS 3132 KLINE
  • Siemens EMS 3132 CAN
  • Siemens EMS 3134 KLINE
  • Siemens EMS 3134 CAN
  • Continental EMS 3132
  • Continental EMS 3134
  • Siemens SIM 32 CAN

Approximate list of vehicles:

  • Renault Logan
  • Renault Symbol
  • Renault Scenic 
  • Renault Laguna
  • Renault Megane
  • Lada Largus
  • Dacia Logan
  • Nissan Almera

Not all software versions may be supported.