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License 109 — VW Polo 6RF(U)92086x BENCH/OBDII

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Basic equipment
License 109 — VW Polo 6RF(U)92086x BENCH/OBDII — 195 $
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Supports working via OBDII or on the bench with 6RF(U)92086x dashboards (white indication) based on the 70F3524 microcontroller without external EEPROM, installed on VAG Polo cars since 2014, which allows full repairing and ECU restoration.


OBD or bench work with dashboard is POSSIBLE ONLY AFTER PRELIMINARY READING of D70F3524 DFLASH MK via a programmer (any programmer for reading a closed NEC and saving the read file in open form).


  • Identification
  • Mileage reading
  • Mileage change
  • EEPROM reading
  • EEPROM writing
  • Immobilizer data reading
  • Immobilizer data writing
  • Viewing and editing immobilizer data


Not all software versions may be supported.

M&D Flasher Adapter might be helpful.