BitBox 3.4.1 rev 1

Module Nissan Hitachi Gen1 CAN has been released and is available for purchasing.

Module Volvo Denso SH72XXX was remade to Denso SH72XXX BENCH-CAN and supports:

  • FID311: FAW Denso Petrol SH72530
  • FID315: Isuzu Denso Diesel SH72546
  • FID306: Mazda Denso Diesel SH72543
  • FID305: Mazda Denso Diesel SH72546
  • FID316: Mazda Denso Petrol SH72531
  • FID307: Mazda Denso Petrol SH72543
  • FID314: Mitsubishi Denso Diesel SH72543
  • FID310: Nissan Denso Electro SH72531
  • FID308: Subaru Denso Petrol SH72531
  • FID309: Suzuki Denso Petrol SH72530
  • FID313: Toyota/Daihatsu Denso Petrol SH72531
  • FID143: Volvo Denso SH72543
  • FID142: Volvo Denso SH72546

All families support full reading/writing and checksums calculation. Automatic power adapter is highly recommended, but operation in manual mode is also possible.

New families:

  • GM Delphi DCM3.7AP SH72544 added to module GM Diesel CAN with reading/writing and checksums calculation
  • Ford Visteon DCU-10x/DCU-20x ST10F276 added to module Ford Delphi/Visteon Diesel CAN with reading/writing and checksums calculation.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Added possibility to recover Toyota written with blank password after writing corrupted file. Supported for Gen1 and Gen2 ECUs.
  • Ford Continental EMS2213 now supported with family for EMS2214/EMS2215
  • Ford Continental EMS2301 now supported with family for EMS2302
  • Added support for ST SPC58 MCU in module Bosch MG1/MD1 Bench. Supported full reading but writing only maps area!!!!
  • Added support for writing EEPROM data in module Bosch MG1/MD1 Bench. Supported for all MCUs except SPC58!
  • Improved ECU type detection for Nissan Hitachi Gen1 CAN.

Nissan Hitachi Gen1 CAN