ChipLoaderNG Update + Discount

ChipLoaderNG update: new module added - Module [54] Bosch ME17.8.8 - OBD2.

Only from March 22 to April 9, 2021 inclusively there is a special offer for Module [54] Bosch ME17.8.8 - OBD2:

Option 1: For owners of CHIPSOFT J2534 adapter - all versions: CHIPSOFT J2534 (without a case or with acrylic case), CHIPSOFT J2534 Lite, CHIPSOFT J2534 Mid, CHIPSOFT J2534 Pro, Chipsoft J2534 Lite Limited Edition - 50% discount with the modulebosch50 promo code.
Option 2: For all customers - 15% discount for the promo code modulebosch15.

You may only use one promo code.