Winter Discounts!

PCMflash Winter Sale!

From December 20th till December 30th10%-25% discounts on ALL PCMflash modules (modules must be for ONE dongle):

  • 10% OFF any module: use the promo code PCM10_winter_2023 to get your 10% discount;
  • If you buy for 311 USD or more, use the promo code PCM15_winter_2023 to get your 15% discount;
  • If you buy for 623 USD or more, use the promo code PCM20_winter_2023 to get your 20% discount.
  • If you buy for 1246 USD or more, use the promo code PCM25_winter_2023 to get your 25% discount.

The orders need to be placed and paid by December 30th.

ESS Winter Sale!

ESS modules with a discount! December 1st — 31st!

  • Modules starting at 450 EUR
  • Full Activation 6400 EUR

There is NO PROMO CODE, all the prices are listed with the discount already! Please also note that the prices are converted to USD automatically.

Discounts on M&D Flasher modules

50% off M&D Flasher modules till January 9th! The prices are aready listed with the discount.

I/O Terminal Winter Sale!

From December 11th to January 15th feel free to use the promo code IO_Winter_2023 to get 20% off the I/O Terminal simcards and licenses!

Alientech Winter Sale!

Special offer from Alientech: 20-30% discount on the purchase of KESS3 licenses. More information can be found here.  
In order to use this offer, please contact us via email [email protected] 

MagicMotorSport Winter Discounts!

MagicMotorSport offers a discount of 10% to 50% when upgrading to Full Master for FLEX Master and Slave owners with an active subscription.
To calculate your discounts, write to us by email [email protected]. The offer is valid until December 22nd.

MMC Flasher Winter Sale!

From December 20th till January 7th — 10%-25% discounts on ALL modules for MMC Flasher (modules must be for ONE dongle):

  • If you buy for 118 USD or more, use the promo code MMC10_winter_2023 to get your 10% discount;
  • If you buy for 177 USD or more, use the promo code MMC15_winter_2023 to get your 15% discount;
  • If you buy for 590 USD or more, use the promo code MMC25_winter_2023 to get your 25% discount.

The orders need to be placed and paid by January 7th.

CombiLoader and ChipTuningPRO Winter Sale!

Up to 25% discount on Combiloader and ChipTuningPRO modules till January 7th (modules must be bought for ONE tool)!

  • If you buy modules for more than 62 USD, please use SMS15_winter_2023 to get 15% off;
  • If you buy modules for more than 620 USD, you can use SMS25_winter_2023 to get 25% off;

ECULite Winter Sale!

Feel free to use the promo code ECULite20 to get 20% off any ECULite module till January 7th!

The orders must be placed and paid by January 7th.

BitBox/BitEdit Winter Sale!

From December 25nd till January 7tha 15% discount on ALL BitBox / BitEdit modules:

Use the promo code Bit15_Winter_2023 to get your 15% discount;

BitBox Slave, Credits and Full packs are an exception.

The orders need to be placed and paid by January 7th.

S&V Edit Winter Sale!

From December 25th to January 10th, if you purchase S&V Edit modules for one dongle for 635 USD or more, please use the promo code SVEdit_Winter_2023 to get 10% off!

BOSCH EDC17 MED17 and BOSCH EDC16 modules will not be affected by the discount.

Firmware Editor ProBYTE Winter Sale!

Till January 20th, feel free to use the promo code probyte_ws to get 20% off ProBYTE Full!


Happy Holidays!